Pitcher Set Design (Monad)

Monad pitcher set
Client: Metier Atelier Co., Ltd.
Brand: toolbar

The design brief is to make a unique design pitcher set which is appealing and functional. For this, we try to make a pitcher set no matter it is in use or put on the table, which can always present in a appealing form. From the usage point of view. When the pitcher and glasses use with a tray, it is easy to fall down. So our idea is to make the pitcher, all the glasses, and the tray can join together and not easy to fall.
The ingenuity of Monad pitcher set comes from its donut-shaped tray. The tray can skillfuly combined the pitcher and glasses. When the user pick up the tray with the pitcher and the glasses together. The pitcher body will go down and shift the center of gravity to a lower position. That can make the pitcher not easy to fall. When prepare the drinks, we can easily set the fully-filled pitcher an glasses before the guest. Futhermore, when the glasses are cleaned, they can be placed obliquely at the specialy designed groove inside the tray, so that they can be dried conveniently, Monad is not only functionally designed, it is made up of stainless steel, glass and plastic, which creates a unique style.
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