Personal Cooler Design (Handy Cooler)

Handy Cooler personal cooling fan
Client: Stand Maird

The project aim is to make an personal cooler which is different from the existing personal fan. After researching and discussing with the client, we come up with two directions:
1/ refer from the water air cooler use in driest area . 2/ use turbine fan as a core of mechanism.

The concept of the personal cooler is using a turbine fan to force air go through a wet cooling filter and cool it down due to evaporation. Once it passes through, the water in the cooling filter evaporates. This cools down the air.

In the development process, the most difficult thing is to find a suitable media as the cooling filter. Even we have confirm to use sponge as the media, it still take us about 20 days for testing of different type of sponge.
Handy Cooler is easy to bring along with and it also include humidifying effects and its aromatherapy functions. It can effectively to reduce the temperature of the air
and it can be humidified up to 60%RH on a dry day! This means moisture to where you need it.
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