French Press Set Design (Kafei)
KAFEI French Press Set
Client: Metier Atelier Co., Ltd.
Brand: Metier


Over extraction of coffee will make its taste deteriorate and cause bitterness. As a result, we specially designed an extra plate, which is placed above the filter of the french press: When coffee is brewed, you can put the plate on, hold on brewing, so that the coffee will be kept at its maximum flavor without bitterness for a long time.
The spick-and-span design of Kafei surmounts the traditional French press design. The French press is composed of stainless steel with double layers for warmth keeping.
While the traditional French press is in cylinder shape, the body of the French press is both oblique and arced, demonstrating the exceptional style of toughness and delicacy. Other parts like sugar bowl, creamer and coffee mug are also formed in the same line.
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