Wall Hanging Light

When you arrive at an edge or a corner and are beset with difficulty, would you stop?
You wouldn’t have to!

So long as you make an effort to search, or even create a future, you can still go on and break through your difficulty.

The “ENDLESS” design originates from opposing concepts - stop or continuity; difficulty or breakthrough.

In the design, two mirrors are used to form a 90-degree corner, reflecting a virtual space. In order to enhance a continuing effect and enable a practical function for the product, we have mounted a 1/4 light ring between the two mirrors, so that the light stays not only at the corner, but continues in the virtual space. The design is a breakthrough in stops for continuity of the light.

If you have the courage to innovate for breakthroughs, you will live a wonderful life!

Client: What’s That
Service: Product design & Production

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