"What's That" Design Philosophy
Our professional considerations for merging the THREE subjective design concepts and the FIVE objective stages of market supply chain to achieve balance and integration of design.


Three points of subjective design integration :
1. Creative Element - Designer follows his creative talent and perfects it persistently.
2. Aesthetic Element - Designer's aesthetic attainment, perception of line, color and modeling design, which are acquired from talent and experiences.
3. Social Responsibility - Designer has strong intrinsic motivation for creating new things to improve the quality of life, for the community, the country and the world.
To conclude, designers in What's That must have the above subjective thinking mind and creativity to analyze the design quality of products with their solid production experiences and international perspective and views. Then they can freely design the commodities that suit the market accurately.

Five stages for the supply chain :
1. Raw Material Supply
2. Product Development
3. Market Demand
4. Sales Strategy
5. Consumer's Feedback
In order to design a popular and high sales volume commodity in the market, we must consider the above market supply chain to target for the correct and effective design direction.

What is Design Integration?
Our professional considerations for merging the three subjective design concepts and the five objective stages of market supply chain to achieve balance and integration of design.

Our Design Service
Our services include product design and development, product branding development, exclusive product design and manufacturing etc. With solid experience in design and production, close communication with clients, understanding the marketing needs, we provide clients the most suitable yet creative proposal.

We have our own factory that equips mould production, 3D printing, injection molding, silkscreen, pad printing, spray painting, stitching production which can provide a one-stop manufacturing service.

Own Brand:

Besides design service, we create & produce our own products and sell to different markets. This help us to accumulate solid experience in sales and marketing as well.
In 2007, our own rainy day product brand - OFESS was founded. We aimed to deliver the core message "Enjoy Rainy Days" to our target audience. OFESS collection did make a good start since it's been launched different markets like Japan, European, and Australia etc. Last year we set up our own sales point in China. We have a team serving categories like manufacturing and marketing. We know our client situation and their needs. We will provide the most suitable solution to our client. Starting from this, we offer comprehensive services, starting from product concept, product design, graphic design, product brand image, exhibition design, exclusive product design and manufacturing. Which help our client to build a suitable gateway between products and target audience.


We won numerous design awards in both local & international design competitions such as, IF Design Award, IF Design Award China, Red Dot Design Award, Good design Award, HKDA Design Award, 2009 East Asian Games Mascot Design Winner etc.
Premium clients:
We serve a number of international brands and professional design firms, such as ELEMENTS in Hong Kong, Infiniti, Swarovski, Yves Saint Laurent and the United States popular clothing brands Juicy Couture, HSBC in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Railway Corporation Branded, Mascot design of fashion brands 2%, and Packaging design of international skin care brands GLYCEL, etc.
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